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Mama Heidi, Africa's Mother Teresa (English)

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Africa's Mother Teresa

Henri Nissen, editor, Udfordringen, has written this inspiring book about Heidi Baker - Africa's Mother Teresa; and Heidi's husband, Rolland Baker, has taken the majority of the photos. Their joint venture resulted in this amazing book.

Heidi Baker has been called "Africa's Mother Teresa" because she has taken care of thousands of abandoned and abused children in Mozambique. She has the same unselfish attitude as Mother Teresa. But she is no nun. A mother of two children - besides thousands of foster children - and married to Rolland, her fellow companion through years of extremely hard work. She was once put in a "dummy class" because of her dyslexia, but later earned a Ph.D. from London University. She is a charismatic preacher and healer. Always stopping for the one. Even the spiritually blind and poor - of the Western world.

Yderligere information

ISBN 9788771325218
Forfatter Henri Nissen
Sideantal 152
Udgivelsesår 2014
Indbinding Indbundet med smudsomslag
Original titel -
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